• Vendors

    ArcheoModern Designs
    Art by Casey Gee
    Cedar Creek Handmade Creations
    Dark Moon Forge
    Dragon Musing's Art
    Eris Apothecary
    Faerie Hive
    Grove and Grotto LLC
    Happy Craft
    Heathen Moon
    Madame Zee Tarot
    Myth & Magic

    Natural Magick Shop
    Shiny Dragon Jewelry
    Skulls that Bloom
    The Spirit Connection


    Aquarian Age Wicca

    Council of Magickal Arts, Inc.

    Hearthstone Grove

    Oak Henge Grove

    Pagan Student Alliance of Austin
    Pagan Student Fellowship of San Marcos
    Scarlet Women Lodge
    Shadow Wolf Coven
    Sherwood Forest Faire
    Texas Alliance of Pagan Students