• Teaching at Austin Pagan Pride Day

    One of the most fundamental aspects of our event is educating open minds and hearts about Paganism; who we are, what we do, and why. Through the learning opportunities, our volunteer teachers provide we hope the sharing of knowledge & experience will benefit seekers, lovers of learning, and the secular community alike.


    To volunteer to give a workshop, fill out the form below.

    Event Date: Nov 13, 2021

    Workshop & Deadline: Oct 29th

    If you are interested in applying, fill out the form below. Contact us if you haven't received an email within 2-3 weeks. We choose submissions based on what is the most appropriate for the event and gives our audience a variety.


    Giving a workshop at Austin Pagan Pride Day is a must for local pagan leaders and other skilled practitioners who want to help build a stronger local pagan community in Austin TX.