• Austin Pagan Pride Day 2019
    Date: November 16th

    Location: The Vortex

  • Event Schedule

    The gates open at 10am and the event runs to 4pm.
    The Vortex stays open til 12am so feel free to stick around after hours.

  • Our Mission

    It's our mission to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs and foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity, and community.


    • Opening Ritual: Candyce Eskew (Eclectic)
    • Main Ritual: Aquarian Age (Wiccan)
    • Children's Ritual - Jayson May
    • Closing Ritual: Hearthstone (Irish Polytheist)

    Want to lead a ritual? Contact us.

    We have a variety of local artisans and vendors of pagan supplies, art, etc. We also have representatives from many of the Pagan groups in town for meet & greet.

    Check out the list of vendors and info booths here.


    • Jamie Shelton
    • Riker Brown
    • Cybele & Sahhira of Signet Tribal
    • Never For Ever
    • Before the Devil Knows Your Dead
    • Open Drum Circle


    • Aromatic Botanicals - Keith McCormic
    • Finding Spirituality within Yourself - Cherie Kirk
    • Greek Sigils - Deanne Quarrie
    • All There is to Know About House Elves - Chris Godwin
    • Wicca 101 - Aracelie
    • The Völva and the Staff: Claiming Your Power - Anneliese Jarnsaxa
  • Get Involved

    Austin Pagan Pride Day happens because of pagans like you.

    Join the team today!

    Volunteer your time to educate the community

    Perform music, dance, or other feats of glory.

    Vend or provide organizational information.