• Austin Pagan Pride Day 2019
    Date: Coming soon...

    Location: Coming soon...

  • 2018 Food Bank Donations

    We are proud to announce the community raised $472 for the Central Texas Food Bank. That's 3,776 meals provided! Just a $23 increase from 2017, but still a number to be proud of!

  • Our Mission

    It's our mission to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs and foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity, and community.


    10:15am - Candyce and CMA Austin - Circling Together
    12:15pm - Hearthstone Grove, ADF - Irish Polytheist/Druid
    3:15pm - Aquarian Age Wicca - Introspection Ritual

    Vendors & Orgs

    We have a variety of local artisans and vendors of pagan supplies, art, etc. We also have representatives from many of the Pagan groups in town for meet & greet.


    10:45am - Signet Tribal Dance Troupe
    11:15am - Nøkken + The Grim
    11:45am - Signet Tribal Dance Troupe
    12:45am - Jamie Shelton & Deanna Houston
    1:00pm - The Nematoads
    2:00pm - Jamie Shelton & Deanna Houston
    2:30pm - Sin And Seraphim
    3:30pm - Drum Circle - open to anyone to join


    11:00am - Herbalism from an Animist Perspective
    11:30am - Energy Workshop: Elemental Shielding, Grounding, Centering
    12:45pm - Folk Magic
    1:30pm - Learning Tarot
    2:15pm - The Nature of Sacrifice: Exploring Reciprocity
    2:45pm - Connecting to the Divine Within

  • Get Involved

    Austin Pagan Pride Day happens because of pagans like you.

    Join the team today!

    Volunteer your time to educate the community

    Perform music, dance, or other feats of glory.

    Vend or provide organizational information.